Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday ramblings

What a way to start a Monday morning: Wet and cold. It’s been raining since I left home. The gloomy weather outside definitely gives me the Monday blues. I’d give anything to be back in bed right now. *sigh*

Was a bit busy last week and didn’t have time to update my blog. Anyway, let me share some happenings:
1. Attended Leadership workshop for 2 days
- Won a prize for Best Inspiring Speech. Haha.. What a joke! Still don’t have a clue how and why I won. We only had 20 minutes to prepare! I remembered panicking like hell while listening to the other two ‘contestants’ give their speech. One of them was great! She looked like a pro and even included a ‘pantun’ at the end of her speech. I don’t know what I was babbling about at the rostrum. I think I just made things up along the way. An unexpected surprise indeed :)

2. Sick for a few days due to mild food poisoning
- Woke up on Wednesday morning and had a major stomach ache. Wasn’t sure whether I should go to work but since there was a workshop that day, I forced myself to go. Ended up going in and out of the toilet for a few times that day. Still wasn’t well by Friday so I took MC and rested at home

3. Bought anklet on Saturday
- My poor left ankle didn’t want to feel naked anymore :). So, I decided to get a new anklet. Now when I walk, it goes *ting* ting*ting*. I know some people may find it annoying but I really don’t care. Hehe…Ooohh (nak gossip sikit), while I was at the jewellery store, I saw Natasha Hudson there. Must be choosing rings for her wedding

4. Finally managed to watch Transformers yesterday
-Two words: Best gilerrrrrrrrrrrrr!! I purposely waited a few weeks to watch the movie because I don’t like huge crowds. But I was surprised that until yesterday, the theatre was still packed. Full house! Anyway, it was a great movie. I’m glad I got the chance to watch

5. Bought Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows yesterday
- Yeah..was looking forward to this for quite some time now. I had to re-read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to refresh my memory on what happened before getting the new book. Started on Wednesday and finally finished yesterday. So I immediately went out to the book store to get the new book. I have mixed feelings now actually. Though I am excited to know how the series end but somehow I feel sad that it’s finally the last book! No more Harry Potter after this. Sob-sob :(

6. Received another weird and irritating sms
- Remember my entry on annoying sms? I got another one last week: Senyap itu indah. Tiada yang lebih menggairahkan lelaki bila melihat pasangannya membuka. SMS on SX ke 33168”. What the hell is that??? *#@$%$*

So you can see there was a mixture of good and bad experience for me last week. Hope to have a more eventful week ahead.

Hope you guys have a great one too. Take care!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Thoughts of you...

Every time I look at you
I can’t help but smile
Your joy and laughter
Makes my spirit go high

It’s hard to believe
How time flies so fast
It feels like yesterday
When I first held you in my arms

If you find yourself in trouble
Never think you’re all alone
I’ll be there for you
No matter how long

I love you more
with each passing day
This bond that we have
No one can take away

My thoughts and prayers
Are always with you
I wish you well
In whatever you do

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Strange happenings

For these past few days, my right hand has been feeling itchy. The strange thing is I can’t seem to find the right spot to scratch. I’ll be scratching and scratching and still don’t’ feel relieved. It’s like a general feeling of itchiness but not specific to one area. It’s driving me crazy!

People say when our hands feel itchy, it’s a sign that we’re gonna get some money. I hope this is true. Now...(trying to recall) who owes me money????!!!

I only realized on Thursday night that I lost my anklet. I could have sworn I had it on when I went to work in the morning. I couldn’t find it at home, not in my car and not even at the office. I’ve lost hope now. I have a feeling whoever found it must have kept it for him/herself. *sob*sob*.

It feels strange. It doesn’t feel right. I’ve been wearing that anklet for 7 years and now I feel naked without it. Please, please..whovever found it, give it back to me.....

This strange incident happened about a month ago and it still gives me the creep when I think about it. I finished work early that day and thought I’d do some retail therapy at the shopping complex nearby. As I was walking, from out of the blue a guy came walking beside me and started chatting. I don’t easily talk to strangers and usually if some guy wants to ‘pick me up’; I tend to ignore and walk off. But somehow this guy was being overfriendly and for some strange reason I was drawn to the conversation.

Him: Hi!
Me: Hi!
Him: Kerja kat mana? (Where do you work?)
Me: Kerja kat so and so (I work at so and so..)
Him: Department mana? (Which department?)
Me: Kat department so and so (Department so and so)
Him: Ohhh…nama siapa? (Ohh..What’s your name?)
Me: Bla bla bla

He asked me a few other questions but I forgot what it was. I remembered asking myself “What the hell am I doing? Why am I willingly giving personal information to some stranger?”. I realized it but couldn’t stop myself. I’ve never done it before so why was I doing it then? We parted ways after about 5 minutes. I remembered being in a state of confusion and asked myself “What was that all about?”.

Strange and scarrryyyy….

Monday, July 9, 2007

Just one of them days..

Sometimes, when I’m feeling kind of depressed and in the mood to receive 'puji-pujian', I have this conversation with my daughter:

Me: D*, Mama cantik tak?
D*: Cantik! Mama cantikkkk sangat! Pretty like a princess. Pretty macam model. I love you mamaaaaa *gives me loads of kisses*
*big smile* Thank you, D*

*sigh* Now if that doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what will :)

I can always count on D* to give me lovely praises. It’s great that she can detect when I’m feeling down and so she goes a bit over the top when giving me praises. Of course I can ask hubby but he might think I’ve gone bonkers :). Its either that or he might say "eh, perasan la you!".

I know, I know, it’s a lame way to cheer myself up but hey…if it works, why not??!! *wink*

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Annoying sms! #$*&@!!!

I don’t mind getting text messages from my Service Provider when there’s any announcement on promotion, updates, etc.

I also don’t mind receiving sms from the Melium Group, Esprit, SKII or Mac when they want to announce sales or news on promotional activities/items.

I find it great too when Citibank sends me an sms each month reminding me of my credit card bill due date, the amount to pay, etc


I do find it VERY ANNOYING when I get these type of sms and I’m not even sure who sends them.

FOC: Hot MAN Zone! Get pretty GIRLS in ur Hphone now! Sms to 33377 for animation or for wallpaper. Send now!

This is another one:
Suasana romantis…sentuhan ringan sehingga keinginan yang tertahan muncul jua. Sms ON SX ke 33168. Untuk dewasa sahaja

Oh come on…!! Does anyone actually reply to these sms?

And why do they have to send it at random? Buang masa I je baca the sms..!! #$@&!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Hopelessly devoted to you

Dear Chocolate,
Why do you have to taste so good? Of the many pleasures in the world, you’re the one thing I find simply irresistible. I try and try and try to avoid you but I can never find the strength to do it. Your alluring aroma, creamy and silky texture makes me want to get close to you. There's this eagerness to make me want to taste your sweetness. All I want to do is make you melt in my mouth. Mmmmmmm…..It’s certainly one of life's most pleasurable moments.

Can’t you see what you’re doing to me? I’m totally hooked on you. I can’t imagine us ever being apart. I love you too much to ever let you go.

I’ve been busy today and haven’t had a chance to taste you. But don’t worry my darling. I’ll definitely grab you (from my drawer) once I’ve finished writing this letter.

Thank you so much for always being there for me. You always know how to brighthen up the rainy days. Before I go, just remember one thing: Me minus you equals blue.

I’ll see you soon. *kiss*

Forever yours,
*Trueblue *