Friday, February 29, 2008

Trueblue feeling blue-Part 2

No. I did not get well.

Another week of pain and suffering.

I forgot to mention in my previous entry that apart from all the sore throat and coughing, I was also suffering from diarrhea. It wasn't that major so I chose to ignore it. I was hoping it would go away by itself. But after 4 days and I still had tummy aches, I thought I'd better get it checked out. The Dr gave me some pills for the tummy and antibiotics.

However, in the next few days I was still in pain and continued going to the toilet even after finishing the course of antibiotics. Something was not right.

I then started to get chills and fever on day 9 of the illness. I was shivering! Went back to the clinic and Dr suspected it was Salmonella food poisoning. I was given a new set of antibiotics and few days of MC to rest.

As of today I still have stomach cramps and I still feel weak. For the past 3 days, I lost my appetite to eat and with all the constant visits to the toilet, I have lost a bit of weight too. Good news on that but not exactly done in a good way.

There's too much work to be done. I'm worried that I'm letting other people down.

Pray that I'll get better soon.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Trueblue feeling blue

I haven’t been feeling well since last week.

It initially began with having wisdom tooth pain. I wasn’t able to eat or sleep properly. I know the cure is to just take the damn teeth out but I’m too chicken to do it. I have been delaying for the past 10 years! For the past one week, I had to depend on pain killers. I feel better now but I know its not gonna be for long. The pain will definitely come back again. *groan*

Yesterday morning I had a sore throat and was coughing a bit. Took some strepsils and hoped I would be ok. Well, apparently not…

I had to attend an assessment that lasted about 2 hours that morning. After all the talking, I suddenly realized I lost my voice at the end of the session.

And today, I am still unable to get my voice back. The more I talk, the more ‘serak’ it gets. I always thought people with husky voices sound so sexy but when I listen to myself, I don’t think I’m any near to sounding sexy. I think I sound more like an old granny :(

Oh my poor throat. Perhaps I just need to shut up for a few days.

Update (as of 20/2/08):

My daughter, D* was shocked to hear my croaky voice last night.

D*: Kenapa mama takde suara?
Me: Mama sakit
D*: Ok. Mama wait here. D* go take doctor-doctor

She ran to her room, rummaged through her toy box and took out her doctor tool kit. She then ran back to me, took out one of the tools and asked me to open my mouth. She started doing some checking and kept on saying "hmmmm", "hmmmm". When the check up was done, she gave me a spoon and said "mama makan ubat".

When it was time for bed, she insisted to sleep with me because she wanted to take care of me.
"Mama, jangan talk so much. Mama must rest ok?"

I woke up this morning feeling much better. Thanks sweetheart. Thanks for the TLC.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The ShOcKiNg sms

Do you guys pick up your phone when you see its an unknown number?

I personally don't. Why? Because it’s usually those marketing people who want to promote credit cards, hotel packages etc and I just can’t be bothered to get into that conversation. However, for some bizarre reason, I did pick up my phone when it rang last Saturday night, even though I knew I didn’t recognize the number. I guess I was in a good mood and thought perhaps it could be some long lost friend or something.

The so-called conversation that took place:
Me: Hello?
Stranger: Hello?
Me: Hello?
Stranger: Hello?
Me: Yes. Hello?
Stranger: Hello? (hung up)

I was already irritated by then. Who was this strange guy who kept saying hello and nothing else? That was 15 seconds of my life that I can’t get back. A few minutes later, I received an sms. It was from the same number. I was shocked and almost fell off my chair when I read the message:

“Nak s*nt*t you boleh tak?” (I don’t even want to try to translate this into English)

What kind of question is that? You can’t possibly ask that to strangers and expect them to answer ‘boleh’. Was he trying his luck? *Sheesh*

I was tempted to reply and give him a piece of my mind but then decided not to. I chose not to ‘layan’. I didn’t want to encourage him in case he might think that was a signal to further communicate. Besides, there was also a possibility that he had the wrong number or something.

After a few minutes, he called again. The same conversation of ‘Hello?’, ‘Hello?’, and ‘Hello?’ took place. He then hung up.

Some time later, he sent another sms and asked “ni sape?" (Who’s this?). This guy was really testing my patience. I still chose not to reply and thank God it stopped after that.

I just wonder where these weirdos come from. I shouldn’t have picked up my phone in the first place.

Note to self: Never, ever, ever pick up phone when it’s an unknown number. You never know what you might get!

Friday, February 1, 2008


"Sometimes we search too hard for answers that is right in front of us..."

Its one of those times when I feel life at work is really crappy.

I so want to quit but don't think thats the best option right now.

*Patience Trueblue, patience...*

p/s: Happy KL, Putrajaya & Labuan Day