Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My precious moment with D* (2)

Lately, D* has been asking me a lot about babies.

She told me this the other day…

D*: “Mama, mama makanlah banyak-banyak. Nanti perut mama dah besar, boleh ada baby!”. ("Mama, you should eat a lot. When your tummy is all big, you'll have a baby!")

Hahahaha....if only it were that simple to have babies.

God, I’m not ready yet to have a conversation with her about the birds and the bees. When is the right time to have that conversation anyway? I never had that conversation with my mom. I had to learn about it through friends and I remember getting shocked when I first heard what sex is all about. :)

But seriously guys, when is the right time to have that talk with the kids? And how detail should we go? I’m sure there’s a standard script somewhere........

Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's been a while...

Gosh..has it been that long? 2 whole months of being away from the blogging world.

Yes, I have been busy and during the rare occasions when I’m not, I just don’t have the energy to write.

A few changes have happened to me lately. I’ve moved to a new unit, moved to a new cubicle and have a new boss. I initially wanted to move out totally from the department but the bosses wouldn’t let me. They gave me some stupid reason which didn’t make any sense at all. Until now, I’m still puzzled over the whole thing.

So since they didn’t let me leave, I asked to be moved to a different unit. Things have been pretty ok, so far. It was tough being the new person, having to learn and catch up fast. My new boss hasn’t given me his feedback but I hope I have not been a disappointment.

There’s a lot more to learn and all I can do right now is to just give my best. I never said I was great and it was never my plan or intention to outshine anyone. I’m just here to learn. That’s all.

We’ve completed 2 big events so far. I wouldn’t exactly call it a major success but it wasn’t a disaster either. Given the lack of resources in the unit now, I think we did just fine. In fact, I think we did quite well. There’s 9 more sessions to go and hopefully, things will still be ok for us.