Wednesday, August 22, 2007

short break..I hope!

I am swamped!

I'm actually up to my nose with the amount of work I have at the moment. And the crappy part is all projects came about the same time and all is considered urgent. I keep feeling nervous all the time because as I'm doing one work, I start to think "Oh Shit! I haven't done much on the other two projects today". Everyday I get a constant feeling of panic which isn't really healthy to my mind, body and soul. The last thing I want to have is a nervous breakdown. *sigh*

Gosh! I'm already feeling guilty for spending a few minutes writing this post. Arghhhh!! Ok, ok.. I better stop now.

Anyways you all...I just wanted to say that normal postings will resume once I actually have time to do it or most importantly once I can breathe properly.

I hope to be back very soon.

Take care you guys!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Busy as a bee

I can't believe how busy I've been this week. Had meetings after meetings. Didn't even have time to sulk about how much I hate Mondays. Been given 3 projects to lead for this quarter. Arghhhhh!! Stress..stress! I even have to work this weekend. Waaaaaaaaaaa.......

Was scribbling some notes last night to prepare for a meeting this morning. Of course D* also wanted to 'help' out. She drew pictures on the presentation papers I brought back from office. Apparently, this is a picture of me...
Hmm....don't quite see the resemblance but oh well, how much can one expect from a four year old?!

Hope you guys have a great weekend. I certainly would not be enjoying mine :(

Monday, August 6, 2007

I hate Mondays

Yup. That pretty much summarises my feelings for today.

2 hate entries in a row. Imagine that.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hate them creepy crawlies

God only knows how much I HATE cockroaches. Ok, maybe it’s more of scared or ‘geli’ but if we put these two together, it would definitely lead to despise, detest, dislike and all those negative words. Simply put, I absolutely loathe the insect. The mere sight of it just gives me the creeps.

And what is even worse? Flying cockroaches!

I had a traumatic experience about them back in my teens. I was in my room with my sis when all of a sudden this bloody cockroach went flying around our room. We went hysterical, screaming our heads off. The cockroach seemed to sense that we were scared and being a horrible insect that it is, tried to follow us around. It followed us when we ran to one corner and followed us again when we ran to another corner. You can imagine the commotion we caused that night! It sounded like we were chased by a murderer. I don’t know why we didn’t think of running out of the room.

Anyway, all went quiet when the cockroach suddenly disappeared. We crawled back to our beds with a feeling of absolute relief. We thought it was over but noooooooooooooooooo……..out of nowhere the cockroach flew and landed somewhere near my mouth. This time I screamed even louder! I was yelling to my sister “Get it off! Get if off!” but she did nothing of the sort. She just stood on her bed with her mouth open and looked shocked beyond words. I had no choice but to do it myself. I smacked the cockroach off my face and it landed on the floor. I immediately took a book and gave it a big whack! The evil cockroach died that night. Yep, I killed it. And I’m happy that I did. To this day I can still feel its hairy legs on my face. Urghhhh…!!

I’ve lived in my apartment for over a year now and it’s great that for the past one year, the apartment has been insect-free. Or maybe they were already around but managed to hide from me…... Anyway, lately ants and cockroaches have started to crawl out of their hiding place and made their presence visible in the apartment. Cleanliness of the apartment is definitely my utmost priority so seeing them crawling at various corners of the apartment just drives me crazy! The cockroaches are small in size and still in their baby phase but I’m not gonna wait till they get big. Must get rid of them fast! Need to call those Pest Control people. If only I had a wand and some magical powers, I’d aim at the cockroaches and go “Stupefy! Stupefy!”

P/S: One more chapter to go!!