Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ATTENTION ALL READERS (yeah, thats probably just me alone)

Who am I kidding?

I've obviously run out of ideas or too busy or sometimes just can't be bothered to blog nowadays.

I think I should stop blogging for a while or who knows, forever.

Not that anyone cares pun anyway kan.

So too-re-loo for now.

*Trueblue temporarily signing off*

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Trueblue's rumbling tummy weekend

I was planning to spend quality time with D* this weekend. I wanted to pamper her and pretty much do anything that she wanted.

But oh no...Instead, I spent 'quality' time in the toilet. Yes, there was another attack of diarrhea yesterday. I had nasi lemak for breakfast and I remember telling myself a few times how damn good that nasi lemak was. I rarely eat nasi lemak (because of the 'jaga badan' thingy) so having it yesterday, felt like heaven. I don't know if I got the food poisoining from the nasi lemak but a few hours after having breakfast, I just felt like throwing up. My tummy went into a roller coaster ride and I guess the rest is history.

I couldn't get much sleep last night because half of the time was spent in the toilet. Now thats what I call 'quality' time. My poor stomach. Poor me :(

The project came to an end last Friday. I'm happy because I don't have to see that damn Project Manager again but rather sad because I have to part with the team members. We've become close the last 4 months and I'm gonna miss the bond and closeness we had. I couldn't have asked for a better bunch of team mates. We went through the good and bad (especially the bad!) times together and whatever crappy things the PM did to us, only made us much closer.

The PM asked for a close-out lunch last Thursday, apparently to say thank you for our contribution to the project. Hmmmmppphhh..some lunch that was. They arranged for a long table and we sat on one side while the Consultants and him sat on the other side. We didn't even talk together as a group. The team mates and I had our own conversation. And please don't expect a Thank You speech. We pretty much ate and left after that. So much for saying thank you. Come to think of it, not once...yes, NOT ONCE during those 4 months did he ever say thank you to us. *sheesh* What a jerk!

I'll be back at my old department next week. *groan*. As much as I wanted the project to end, I'm not exactly that eager to go back too. Oh well, its not that I have a choice. I have to go back somewhere......

My tummy is making some awful sounds. Need to go back to bed and rest now. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I certainly won't be having much fun.