Thursday, July 3, 2008

"What to wear tomorrow?!"


Thought I’d drop by and share my sad and pathetic story.

Every night (well, almost every weekday night) I spend about 10 minutes staring at my wardrobe and ask myself the same question: “What the *toot* do I wear tomorrow?”

It’s starting to become a chore and I dread the time when I have to do it.

Oklah, don’t get me wrong. Of courselah I have clothes but it’s the same old boring clothes. Everytime I choose an outfit, I find myself asking “When was the last time I wore this?”, Don’t want it to be too recent, or else people might say “Takde baju lain ke si Trueblue ni?”. I don't mean to sound vain but seriously, I am bored with what I have. Its' not just the collection but also the style.

When I was browsing through my clothes last night, it struck me how ‘tak fashionable-nya’ I am. Glamour and trendy are the last two things people can say about me. I am really just a simple person. It's not that I don’t want to look hip and happening, I just don’t know how. Maybe I should seek help from a fashion consultant or someone who can advise me on the clothes that would look good on me. I don’t want to wear something sexy but more of wanting to look a bit bergaya-lah. And by bergaya, I don’t mean expensive.

My hubby gets annoyed when he catches me staring at my cupboard. His suggestion is that I tag my clothes to each day of the working week. In that way, I will know what to wear on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on. But assigning the clothes to a particular day wouldn’t really work because there would be times when I’m not in the mood to wear that particular attire. So I end up staring again.

Gosh! It’s hard being a woman…the pressure of having to look good all the time.

I know, I know. Not knowing what to wear is not exactly a national crisis. I can still survive :).

I guess I just need to update my wardrobe and learn to mix and match things.

Shopping time, people……..