Thursday, July 3, 2008

"What to wear tomorrow?!"


Thought I’d drop by and share my sad and pathetic story.

Every night (well, almost every weekday night) I spend about 10 minutes staring at my wardrobe and ask myself the same question: “What the *toot* do I wear tomorrow?”

It’s starting to become a chore and I dread the time when I have to do it.

Oklah, don’t get me wrong. Of courselah I have clothes but it’s the same old boring clothes. Everytime I choose an outfit, I find myself asking “When was the last time I wore this?”, Don’t want it to be too recent, or else people might say “Takde baju lain ke si Trueblue ni?”. I don't mean to sound vain but seriously, I am bored with what I have. Its' not just the collection but also the style.

When I was browsing through my clothes last night, it struck me how ‘tak fashionable-nya’ I am. Glamour and trendy are the last two things people can say about me. I am really just a simple person. It's not that I don’t want to look hip and happening, I just don’t know how. Maybe I should seek help from a fashion consultant or someone who can advise me on the clothes that would look good on me. I don’t want to wear something sexy but more of wanting to look a bit bergaya-lah. And by bergaya, I don’t mean expensive.

My hubby gets annoyed when he catches me staring at my cupboard. His suggestion is that I tag my clothes to each day of the working week. In that way, I will know what to wear on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on. But assigning the clothes to a particular day wouldn’t really work because there would be times when I’m not in the mood to wear that particular attire. So I end up staring again.

Gosh! It’s hard being a woman…the pressure of having to look good all the time.

I know, I know. Not knowing what to wear is not exactly a national crisis. I can still survive :).

I guess I just need to update my wardrobe and learn to mix and match things.

Shopping time, people……..


pakpayne said...

hehehehe.....*sorry for laughing, but i found it funny*

good luck for next week....and the week after...

katakbesar said...

err.. Malaysia tengah Mega Sale kan?
apa lagi...

me not fashion expert
but, try la;
- having/beli all colours of baju
- dedicate one colour for each day
- friday pakai baju kurung je


pugly said...

Isetan KLCC Sale best apa :-)

trueblue said...

Its funny and sad at the same time. :)


Am not much of a shopper but I have been browsing sround.

Nak pakai baju apa ni kena ikut mood la...

Yes. Have checked it out :)

akula said...

besok nak pegi isetan.

katakbesar said...

ah well..
janji finally pakai something
jangan tak pakai langsung sudah

but, if that happens
we surely know what mood and colour for that day

trueblue said...

Dah pergi dah?

Catching me naked at work, would never happen la :P

gravtkills said...

beli baju sama for every day? no need to think

Zawi said...

Dress up for your husband, if he is happy with how you look, that is all that matters. It is your own perceived ideas that is making it difficult for yourself.

ruby ahmad said...

Dear Trueblue,

Have no fear, we women are here to help you feel better..we all share the same problem..ha ha

My problem is I have favourites. So I keep wearing the same ole fav numbers..sampai orang fikir I takde baju. Duh!

Last 2 weeks I wore this green kurung like 3 times to 3 functions & only realised when I saw the photos I took at the 3 functions.

J.T. said...

Hi Trueblue

Do you know what I used to do on Sundays? Exactly what you husband said - mark different suits for the days of the week. If for any reason, I change my mind on a certain outfit, I usually default to a baju kurung or kebaya, or my favourite suit. :)

You can still look glamorous without spending big bucks on outfits. Branded does not always mean stylish. Fashion is a personal thing (which is why we will always have critics because one man's meat is another man's poison).
Sure there some snobs who claim there are rules to wearing this and that (and they say it is only best when you buy branded stuff) but if you feel good in what you are wearing (no matter the price), then you will exude confidence which comes from within. Finding a well cut outfit that suits your body makes a huge difference. (Choose your tailor well, if you prefer to personalise your wardrobe)

Mix and match is a way to go. When you have some basic colours for your skirts, pants, jackets; then you can play around with colours for blouses/shirts. I did that with my bajus too. One basic colour for sarong and had different tops. :)

Oh I can go on and on when it comes to clothing. I better stop now. :D

sYaNa said...

TrueBlue :o)

Selamat berpuasa :o)

I hope you're ok :o)