Thursday, May 1, 2008

The bashing session

Being scolded like a 2 year old by the Project Manager wasn’t a wonderful feeling.

I’ve been working for nearly 10 years now and this is the first time I’ve been in that situation. Thank God it wasn’t just me alone.

My colleague and I had to endure the painful moment for about half an hour and that half an hour felt like half a day. I was shocked and got really scared when he started screaming at my colleague. I can still picture his face. I think his eyeballs nearly popped out.

He was upset because we gave him some advice about his role as a Project Manager. Well, I guess the truth hurts, huh? He went on to nag and nag and nag. There were many irritating things that he said but I just don’t have the energy to type it all here. I really wanted to say something back but there was really no point. Let him say what he wants. So my colleague and I just sat there in his room and waited for him to stop babbling.

He expects some respect from the team but seriously, respect has to be earned.

The team exchanged stories after that and all of us concluded one thing:
He’s mentally unstable….

I just can’t wait till this project is over.


pugly said...

Don't worry. The whole story plus some interesting snippets of conversation has already been covered in detail in another blog :-)

Hang in there, luv. Don't waste your energy getting all worked up over some retard.

trueblue said...

Am trying hard to hang on :)

J.T. said...

When one lashes out like that, usually one is insecure about a situation or oneself. And of course, when the obvious is pointed out, one gets defensive thus all the babbling.

Behaving that way, he has lost respect of his team even more ... if he had any to begin with. :P

As you mentioned it is hard to hang on but this too shall past.

ruby ahmad said...

Hello Trueblue,

Wow! What a fracas that!

I agree with JT. Gee, he has very low self esteem that he had to shout to compensate lah. Shouting is never an indication of anything positive about a person. If at all, he has very low emotional quotient or well you ahve rightly said there..MENTALLY UNSTABLE..ha ha!

But in any case it leaves one with an unsettling undertaste. More like we would feel sorry and embarassed for him for losing control.

Nevermind, lah as that is more his problem. Hey lama tak chat.

trueblue said...

I've decided to just ignore his rantings. I mean, "whatever la dude..." :)

K Ruby,
Hi there..Have'nt seen you around for a while :)

I guess in some weird way, I do feel sorry for him. He knows that none of us like him.

katakbesar said...

what happened la?
what triggered him?
told you before, to let him be

these species of managers
usually have very big ego
i.e. takkan nampak salah sendiri
i.e. will not accept other's views
or critics very well, openly

anyhow.. c' est la vie
let it go, live and learn

torqxic inc. said...

...and these are the people that get promoted as leaders...and i have no respect for most of them...